Sporting activities have transcend the boundaries of purely entertainment to a full fledge and generously economically rewarding endeavor. It is now a force to be reckoned with and a globally reputable and widely acknowledged profession. Sporting activity aside being originally an activity of recreation is now an endeavor with serious stakes attracting investors that directly sink in seemingly outrageous sum of capital in anticipation of juicy returns in the form of profits. Sports is now a viable job creation enterprise that creates numerous opportunities for the youths especially, enabling them an avenue to better their socioeconomic circumstances while contributing to overall wellbeing of the economy. Hardly can one find an activity that cut across cultural and religious lines building bridges and integrating people with an awesome efficacy as sports. In its unique nature, it is an enchanting phenomena that could rightly be termed as an agent of social integration even in societies where peace and social stability appears volatile. No wonder societies that are quick to identify development potential are seriously investing and harnessing sporting activities. First to address the ever evolving issues of unemployment prevalent amongst the youths especially and secondly to boost economic conditions. It is therefore both an enterprise of unending fun and recreation and as well a sustainable source of economic prosperity where it is taken seriously. Estimated revenue accrued from the sales of tickets, endorsements, merchandise. etc. from sporting activities could be mind-blowing and sometimes too bogus to be real. This is most true when the tournament is a widely anticipated one more like a clash of the titans, the revenue becomes outrageously high. However in all of this lies an unlimited opportunity that could be tapped or are rather being tapped by people with sound investment acumen.

Nigeria our beloved country is one that is blessed with so many young people with undiluted talents that needs a little polishing to break even. If properly mobilized and empowered, a great percentage of our youths could be gainfully employed in the sport industry in greater numbers same way the entertainment industry is accommodating the teaming youth population trooping into the sector. More so the revenue could be higher because the avenue for funds generation due to its overwhelming popularity far outweighs what is obtainable in the entertainment industry. It is therefore imperative for our government especially and private sector stake holders to acknowledge the invaluable role sport could play in dousing or managing most of the socioeconomic problems we are faced with today as a result of endemic poverty. This is an industry that could absorb a considerable percentage of our unemployed thus unburdening the already strained economy. With the right policy and investment strategy a lot could be achieved to the benefit of all that have something to offer in this area. Talents abound everywhere in this country and like every other area in our nation’s economy the potential is underutilized begging to be tapped into. Thus, as an organization with a deep concern for the advancement of youths, Prince Ned Nwoko Foundation is quick to acknowledge the invaluable role sports could play in liberating our teaming youths from the shackles/ misery of unemployment and low economic power. This we do by hunting for talented individuals and pitching them with potential sponsors who would rightly invest in these talents under mutually beneficial agreements.