Nigeria is blessed with unlimited potential begging to be tapped in areas of culture and tourism. This is one area that have remain underutilized in spite of the abundant economic gains that reside there in. Opportunities in areas of culture and tourism that could turn around the fortunes of our people thus stimulating growth and economic development exist in virtually all States of the federation only if the proper mechanism that will drive the revival or rather establishment of these tourism potentials are entrenched or enhanced. Strategic partnership with the right investors who have the requisite capital and expertise to effect the desired revolution in this critical sector of our nations economy complimented by sound regulatory policies is all that is needed moving forward in this direction. A lot of African countries are making fortunes from the limited tourist resource available to them, most of these countries are maximizing these economic gold mines and it is generously contributing to their GDP and overall economic wellbeing. Unfortunately, we that have seemingly unlimited abundance in innumerable number of nature’s blessings are not making any significant use of what others crave and yearn for in this spectacular area. Through tourism, an all inclusive economic platform and an alternative job creation avenue could be created where the economic value chain will have a positive ripple effect firstly in the host communities where these ventures could be established and spreading across the country at large.