Qualitative education is the solid foundation upon which stable societies are built, it forms the basis for sustainable growth and development. Education especially when it is qualitative, broad-based and within the reach of a greater percentage of a society’s population creates an avenue for a speedy march towards general progress, it helps rally around the masses to support the course of societal advancement, moderate social tension, promotes tolerance eventually leading to peaceful and harmonious coexistence. For a society cannot rise above the level of the mentality of its majority, hence when education is prioritized and efficiently deployed/administered it helps improves the socioeconomic status of the people thus refining their thinking process to better their standard of living and quality of lives.  At Prince Ned Nwoko Foundation we are committed to promoting the course of accessible education to the less privilege especially, broadening and advancing the frontiers of learning and ensuring broad-based learning process through partnering with individuals and organizations who share in this same vision via high powered programs specially designed to achieve the aforementioned goals and set objectives.